What’s Dialysis?

It’s a treatment that takes over your kidney functions if those organs stop doing their job. There are two types of dialysis:

Hemodialysis: Your blood is put through a filter outside your body, cleaned, and then returned to you.

Shree Jagannath Hospital & Research Centre, Ranchi operates an ultra modern Hemodialysis centre which comes under the purview of our Nephrology department under care of full time Nephrologists ,highly experienced technicians and equipped with a state of the art RO system, our dialysis unit is focused towards providing quality dialysis treatment.

In addition to providing Hemodialysis, we are providing recreational facilities for patients such as TV’s and facility for music, so that patients have a good experience while undergoing dialysis therapy.

Peritoneal dialysis: Your blood is cleaned inside your body. A special fluid is put into your abdomen to absorb waste from the blood that passes through small vessels in your abdominal cavity. The fluid is then drained away. This type of dialysis is typically done at home.

When Do I Need Dialysis?

Your kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that lie just below your rib cage, on each side of your spine. They remove waste and fluid from your body, level out your blood pressure, and keep your bones strong. They also ensure that you have the right amount of minerals, like potassium and sodium (salt), in your blood. Finally, they make the hormone that causes your body to create red blood cells.

To get a better idea, regarding the dialysis services avaialbe at Shree Jagannath Hospital & Research Centre, Ranchi hospital, please contact at +91 8987999200

HOME ISOLATION ADVICE FOR COVID PATIENTS: 1.Isolate the patient in a room preferably with washroom facility. 2. Patient to wear three layer surgical masks. 3. Normal diet with protein. No high carbohydrate and protein diet. 4. Drink plenty of warm water/ fruit juices to maintain good hydration. No cold water. 5. Steam inhalation 3-4 times a day. 6. Gargle with warm water 3-4 times a day. 7. Sleep in Prone position (Pet kebal) for two hours each time at least 3-4 times in 24 hours. 8. Practice Pranayam/breathing exercises like blowing of balloons.